Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let the healing begin.

Well, I've decided (after a long week of seeking advice and deep thought) to not have the surgery.   I will let it heal on it's own and with the help of a brace and some physical therapy, I will be fine.  I will likely have to deal with arthritis later in life, but that's the case surgery or not.  Won't be running any marathons probably, but I will be able to bike or swim with no problems for my exercise.  Can't wait to get back to normal, 5-7 weeks of crutching around left.
Thanks to all the doctors who treated me and gave me great advice, and a big thanks to Sam B.  in Atalanta for reaching out a hand and helping me out tremendously.  
The band has been taking great care of me out on the road.  The poor guys have to schlep my bags and guitar all over the place, not to mention literally carrying me in and out of venues and hotels due to snowy and icy conditions.  Big thanks to them for all the extra effort it takes to keep me on the road.
Also, I have the greatest family in the world who helped me make the tough decisions that had to be made this week.  They are the best, and I couldn't have stayed sane without them through all this.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and notes, it's much appreciated.  See you down the road!

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  1. Dude, take care of yourself. Gimme a bell sometime.