Sunday, April 24, 2011

"We'll Do It Live" tour, Chris Pandolfi's Manifesto, etc

Greetings, from Charlottesville, VA!  Yes, that means I am home, and believe it or not, I actually unpacked my bag..
Things are going great, leg is healing nicely etc...Been really enjoying Charlottesville - there is such a great vibe here that so inspiring to me.  I've been spending most of my days writing new songs, checking out some local talent (and there are some really great musicians here!),  going to songwriter nights, chillin' with the Artist Farm and my bro Pandolfi.  You should check out Chris Pandolfi's manifesto which he wrote this week at

By the way, big congrats to Katrina (of The Artist Farm) and Henny, who got married yesterday!  I had a blast at the wedding!

We are preparing for our next tour, which will be recorded and released as a live album.  To keep the hands sharp, Pandolfi and I are going to busk every day for a few hours on the downtown mall here in Charlottesville, late afternoon/early evening.  It's sort of a "tour boot camp", and we'll be ready to rage the Jefferson this Friday, the first show of the tour.  Check out our full schedule at and please join us at a show soon!

See you down the road!

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